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At Sundance Aviation, we believe in what we call “integrated” training. One that puts you at the controls starting on day one, it’s an effective approach to becoming a well-rounded pilot. By starting your training in the sky, you will be able to determine, first hand, if flying is for you. No need for ground school, let’s go flying!


We highly encourage future pilots to take an Introductory Flight; it includes a two hour appointment and a thirty minute flight with one of our flight instructors who will show you the ropes and answer any questions you may have. All for the low price of $149!

Your first lesson takes you up in the air and puts you in control. We want you to experience a hands-on introduction to flying and get the real feel for what your training will prepare you for. It’s the most important lesson that will make the difference between pilots and enthusiasts.


All training there after will prepare you to become a licensed Private Pilot. At Sundance, we have a flexible schedule to fit your busy agenda. Our instruction is tailored to fit your needs. By accessing our Online Reservation tab, you will be able to schedule all of your lessons, from the instructor to the airplane, all at your fingertips. If the internet is not your thing, go ahead and give us a call; we’d be glad to assist you in making your future flight plans. Instructor rates are $45/hr.

Private Pilot License Eligibility:

-Be at least 17 years of age to receive the license, though there is no minimum age requirement to begin training; our experience has shown that the age of 15 is the youngest point at which training is efficient for the student.
-Prior to flying by yourself, you must have a 3rd Class Medical/Student Pilot Certificate; these are obtained by a Doctor who is designated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

There are new qualifications on medicals, this includes a Basic Mediacal Course (Fit to Fly)

Local Medical Examiners:
Bill Kalichman 509-942-3286
Martin Cook 509-946-1695

-Once you have attained your Private Pilot License you are authorized to fly anywhere in good weather conditions (Visual Flight Rules, VFR). Once you have accomplished this, you could go on to get your Instrument Rating!

Instrument Rating

-Must be 17 years of age
-Have obtained your Private Pilot License

-Once you’ve acquired your Instrument Rating you are allowed to operate your aircraft in inclement weather (Instrument Flight Rules, IFR).


For licensed pilot, we offer Flight Reviews. It’s a standard two hour review to ensure you, as a pilot, are up to date and still a kicking pilot both in regards to safety as well as licensure and technique. Please remember to bring your pilot license and your current medical to the appointment.

Flight Review


Visit our Pilot Lounge equipped with Wi-Fi, cable television, a restroom, and a good ‘ole cup of joe. Whether you’re just stopping by or here for a few hours, you can delight in the comfort of our lounge; additionally, we do have a Courtesy Car available for Pilots flying into the Richland Airport. Lastly, if it’s during business hours, we have a display case full of Pilot’s Supplies should you require them.

Pilots flying in after hours use the local CTAF to access the lounge.

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