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Aerial Advertising


Get more mileage from your advertising dollar
by adding a special touch that will
keep your name on the public’s mind
after the ads are gone!

The unique appeal of an aerial banner can make the difference between good ads and an effective advertising campaign. Moving across the sky in giant letters, your message becomes the attraction—not a distraction—of the outdoor scene. It’s an alive and dynamic way to spread the word about your endeavor.

When a banner appears overhead, people instinctively gaze with curiosity—they don’t change stations or run to the kitchen for a snack! By using a banner, you reach people when they’re away from the other media—on the golf course, at the park, the lake, the races, at the shopping center, or even in their own backyards!

Banners aren’t just for business; they can be used as a special message or whatever you have in mind!

We welcome the opportunity to discuss with you the benefits that our service can provide for your organization, or tailor a special program for your specific needs. No obligations of course. Please give us a call should you want to look into Aerial Advertising or get a quote!

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